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Expressions anglaises sur les animaux

Farm animal expressions are normally in two different types. There are those that can be used to emphasize the level of a state or condition a person is. On the other hand, there are those that can be used to give a hidden meaning. The latter is the type you are going to look at. These are quite complicated than the former type of expression. In this case, the meaning might not be as easy to understand as in the other types. This is why it is important to have an understanding on the same. The best way to have an understanding is by going through a number of these expressions and examples on their use.


Looking at the expressions below will help you have an idea of what is being talked about:


‘the black sheep of the family: It is an idiom that is used to point out a person who is the most unpopular in the family.


‘a bull in a china shop’: This is an expression that is used to describe a person who is very clumsy or lacks tact.


‘buy a pig in a poke’: It is an expression that means buying something with knowing anything about it or even seeing it.


‘by shank’s mare’: Simply means by foot. It is used to state that someone did something using their feet.


‘a cock and bull story’: A story that is not true and is quite silly.


Lecture en anglais

The best kind of expression you can use to explain something would be farm animal expressions. They are very common and it is easy to find them being used in a simple conversation. With this in mind, it is quite prudent to know how to use them. A good example of a farm animal expression that you can come across is ‘the black sheep in the family’. In this expression, one might assume that someone is actually black. This is not the case as it is used only to describe a person.


A good example of how to use the expression would be something like. Sharon is the black sheep in the family. She is somewhat quite different in her behaviors. This will mean that Sharon is considered to be the most unpopular or odd one out in the family. Her behavior might not be the same as the behaviors of the rest of the family members. At the same time, it may also mean that she is very unpopular as a result of her behavior.


Another good expression that can give a perfect example of farm animal expressions of this kind is ‘buy a pig in a poke’. In this case, the expression can be used in an example where someone bought something without making the necessary consultations or they just simply bought it blindly.


Kevin bought something on the Internet without making the necessary consultations. The item that was sent was not what he actually wanted. On finding this out, his wife asked him “Kevin, why did you buy a pig in a poke?” He responded by saying he didn’t think it would not meet his standards. In this case, you can see the perfect example of how the expression should be used.


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Expressions anglaises avec les animaux de la ferme

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